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More Time, Less Paper

Cleaner, Leaner Form

  • Reduce Input Errors with Data Auto-Validation
  • Gain more Mobility
  • Auto-Generate Reports from Actual Usage
  • Create Various Choices

Compatible with Any Devices

AgentMate can transform any device into a Mobility Office Solution for insurance sales agent, where users can save time, lower cost, and increase profitability all at the same time.

Various question & answer formats to choose from:

Short Text

Address Quiz Group

Text Choices

Welcome Screen

Image Choices

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Digital Signature

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Our Clients

Insurance Use Case

“Because selling insurance isn’t done in an office”

More Time, Less Paper

AgentMate can transform your business to a timely, paperless, saving you your time for more productive use, with a Mobile Office for Sales Agents.

Transforming Customer Experience

AgentMate provides an integrated, high-quality customer experience, with visually engaging product E-catalog, product comparison functions, and auto-product filtrations. No more stacks of paper and lines and lines of text.

One Solution, Answer to All

We provide five modules to support the five stages of the sales funnel as well as three more agent support and analytics modules to provide a complete insurance solution for a more optimized, cost-efficient, and timely business process.

Lead Generator

Convert Reach to LEADS. And Leads into MORE REACH!

More User Generated Content

Get More Leads from User Generated Content with Social referral.

Low Dropout Rate

Engaging experiences that increase the time consumers spend with your brand.

Customer Engagement

Inspire consumers to share user-generated photos, videos and text with hashtag campaigns.

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