Mobility Solution for Insurance Distribution Channel

Leading insurance companies have entrusted their sales channel with AGENTMATE


Visualize customer's
with more efficiently


More Mobility


Financial Need Analysis

Help customer do their Financial Health Check and Planning

Financial Health Check

Finantial planning

  • Education Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning

Product Recommendation


Create quick quotation and send
to customer on the spot

  • In-app Premium Calculation or integration with existing service blackipad jpg
  • Sales Illustration generation with benefit and cash value ipad_im_1
  • Email to Customer
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Get more applications submitted, faster, smarter

E-sub_im E-sub_im

Compatible with Any Devices


Compatible with
Any Devices

AGENTMATE can transform any device into
a Mobility Office Solution, where user can save time, lower, cost, and increase profitablity all at the same time.

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